Smart Bluetooth Item Finders

Have you ever spent more than 1 minute looking for an item?

Your Keys?      Your Purse or Backpack?

Your pet?         Your Spouse?    Your Kid?

Your child’s favorite toy?      Your wallet?

There is one accessory for your smart phone that everyone needs an item finder.

One of the most advertised brands is Tile, but this is only one of many that you can buy.

What is it?

In simplistic terms it is a small bluetooth piece that either attaches to your product, sits inside it or is glued to the surface. It connects to your smartphone with an app and it basically allows you to track and or send a message to the device to beep so you can find it.

Does it work?

The one issue with these devices is that if they are not GPS enabled (use WiFi) then it maybe limited to being within 200 – 300 feet of your phone to be able to be found.



I recommend purchasing them if you are spending a lot of time looking for an item, these are very useful and will make your life easier. I recommend buying a TILE as they are the leading brand in the market and they are making improvements to them and will be in business for years to come. If you have a need for long range consider the Tile Sport Series they are more rugged and have a longer range

Below are links to different brands.  If you are going to put them on a lot of devices, then consider the lower cost items.


Tile Key Finder (single)
Tile Key Finder (4 pack)
Tile Key Finder (8 pack)
Tile Sport (2 x longer range and louder)
nonda iHere 3.0 (Gen 2) Key Finder - Low Cost
XY3.1 Key Finder by XY Findables
Key Finder by K. Generation Marketing
TrackR bravo Smart Finder (white)
TrackR Bravo - Tracker
CUBE Item Finder
iTrack GPS Smartphone Bluetooth Finder
Apsung Smart Key Finder
Luxsure Smart Key Finder
Sunny&Lucky Smart Finder (2 pcs)
XYH Smart Item Finder (with holder)

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