Logitech has started shipping its Ultimate Ears (UE) BLAST and MEGABLAST Alexa enabled loudspeakers.

These are unique speakers, in that they are one of the first portable, outdoor, waterproof loudspeakers with Alexa built into it. Now you can take Alexa with you on the road and listen to your tunes all at the same time.

This is a very cool loudspeaker and you can definitely have wild and crazy adventures with it, wherever you go.

Let’s Check it out


This product comes in two sizes the UE Megablast Speaker is the bigger one and it has better sound (more bass) and longer battery life. The UE Blast Speaker is smaller. Both have Alexa built into it and as long as you link it to your phone and use your phone’s internet connection you can even access Alexa on the Road. None of the Amazon Echo speakers are portable.

The UE Megablast and UE Blast speakers come in multiple colors, five to be exact: Black; White; Blue; Yellow; Red; Green.

Speakers are sold with and without a dock


You can buy a product that contains both the speaker and the dock shipped together or you can buy them separately.  I personally like the convenience of having a dock and putting the speaker on it when I am not using it. This way it is always ready to go.

UE BLAST with Charging Base         UE MEGABLAST with Charging Base



  1. (1) Ultimate Ears BLAST Portable Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Speaker with hands-free Amazon Alexa voice control (waterproof) – Merlot
  • Ultimate Sound: Super-portable with 360° bold, immersive, crystal clear sound and up to 12 hours of battery. It brings your music to life wherever you take it
  • With Amazon Alexa hands-free voice control: Just ask Alexa to blast tunes from Amazon Music, iHeart Radio or TuneIn, change tracks, discover new restaurants – or try any of Alexa’s skills
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled: Use the Alexa Voice Service at home or on the go whenever connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot or stream music via Bluetooth from your phone
  • Waterproof and virtually indestructible: No matter how wild things get, your music will always be on point. The speaker is IP67 rated and can be immersed in water up to 1 m for 30 minutes
  • Smarter over time: Update your speaker with the Ultimate Ears app as new features become available

2. (1)  Ultimate Ears Power Up Charging Dock for Amazon Alexa Enabled Blast & Megablast

  • ALWAYS READY TO GO -Ultimate Ears POWER UP charging dock keeps your portable Wi-Fi/Bluetooth BLAST and MEGABLAST speakers always charged and ready to rock any adventure
  • CONVENIENT HOME BASE -say goodbye to messy wires. After a day at the beach of a big night out, place your speaker on the charging Dock and keep the music going
  • PLAY MUSIC WHILE CHARGING -Blast tunes or ask Alexa to crank the volume, check the weather, find new restaurants or access any of Alexa’s crazy skills, all while charging your BLAST and MEGABLAST
  • STUNNING DESIGN -POWER UP’s sleek design fits into any home and looks stunning with any of the BLAST and MEGABLAST colors

Waterproof – What does it really mean


Many Products claim they are water resistant or waterproof, be careful these terms do not mean the same thing. Logitech has done the testing to make sure they meet IP Testing Standards for IP67 which means two things: the 6 means “No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact (dust tight)” following an 8-hour test; the 7 means “ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1m of submersion)”.

So, while they can be dropped in water, do not leave the speaker in the water for long periods of time. Water can get in but not quickly or in large amounts.



These speakers are based on the existing UE Bluetooth Speakers, Boom and Megaboom. The UE Boom 2 speakers is a good quality ruggedized loudspeaker that is waterproof and shock proof. It has gotten great reviews and is a good sounding portable Bluetooth loudspeaker.

The Blast Speaker is comparable to the UE Boom 2 but adds in Alexa capability and improves on the sound quality.

The Megablast Speaker is similar to the Megaboom speaker but it is 40% louder, has new drivers and is completely redesigned. So, it is much better sonically than the Megaboom speaker.

In short, Logitech has improved the sound significantly of the existing Bluetooth speakers in its lineup, while adding in Alexa. A double win for you.

ALEXA and Music Streaming Services

Ultimate Ears has done a good job implementing ALEXA and the speaker can control your home system and do almost everything that Amazon Echo products can do with the added benefit of taking it on the road.

One area that UE Blast and UE Megablast loudspeakers are much different than Amazon Echo products is that they are not able to stream and recognize all music services. Alexa in these speakers support Amazon Prime Music, iHeart Radio and TuneIn. These are pretty good services and if you use them then this is not an issue.

They will support Pandora and Deezer music services soon, but they are not doing so now.

They have not confirmed that they will support Spotify. So don’t look for this any time soon. This is a big miss as Spotify is one of the leading US services.

Even with this one issue on streaming services Alexa on a portable platform is very cool.

Ultimate Ears APP

Logitech has updated the Ultimate Ears App and through the app you can update the speaker firmware and the company is planning on many improvements and changes to come. They have done a good job with the new app and it helps make this a better speaker for its use.

Get more details here.

A Cool Speaker that you should add to your Alexa Smart Home System

This is a very cool speaker, it is rugged, you can take it anywhere especially outdoors, you can stream music to it and still take a phone call without stopping the music or having anyone hear your conversation. You can take Alexa with you on the road. Very Cool and very WILD.

I suggest you buy one even if Alexa is not your smart home system, you can still take advantage of a lot of the features of this all-inclusive product.

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