Happy Halloween. Have some fun today and try these witching spells with Amazon Echo or Google Home Products, they are bewitching. Sorry about the pun but I couldn’t resist. Give these a try and let us know what you think of the fun and interactive commands to try.

Halloween fun with Google Home

Say these spells to Goolge home and see what happens.

  • “Hey Google, let’s get spooky.”
  • “Okay Google, play Halloween music.”
  • “Hey Google, who you gonna call?”
  • “Okay Google, play thunderstorm sounds.”
  • “Hey Google, happy Halloween!”
  • “Okay Google, what is your favorite candy?”
  • “Hey Google, what is the most popular scary movie?“
  • “Okay Google, what is the most haunted city in America?”
  • “Hey Google, how do you carve a pumpkin?”
  • “Okay Google, how do I make a mermaid costume?”
  • “Hey Google, who would win between a werewolf and a vampire?”
  • “Okay Google, Freddy versus Jason. Who wins?”
  • “Hey Google, add Halloween party plates and cups to my cart on Walmart.”
  • “Okay Google, why do the leaves change colors?”
  • “Hey Google, what are you going to be for Halloween?”
  • “Okay Google, what should I be for Halloween?“
  • “Hey Google, where is the nearest pumpkin patch?”
  • “Hey Google, order Halloween candy”
  • “Okay Google, let’s make a pumpkin pie.“


Halloween fun with Amazon Alexa

Use these commands with Alexa today. They are really fun.

  • Alexa, What is Halloween?
  • Alexa, Trick-or-Treat?
  • Alexa, What’s your favorite candy?
  • Alexa, Boo!
  • Alexa, What should I be for Halloween?
  • Alexa, What will you be for Halloween?
  • Alexa, Are ghosts real?
  • Alexa, Tell me a witch joke.
  • Alexa, Happy Halloween!
  • Alexa, Play Monster Mash.
  • Alexa, tell me a Halloween joke
  • Alexa play Magic Door (make sure you install the skill for Magic Door first). The Dark Forest Pathwill take you to the Witch’s mansion in search of the Wise Wizard.
  • Alexa Play Ghost Detector (make sure you install the skill for Ghost Detector first). You must detect and capture ghosts for Ghost Bux.
  • Alexa Play Halloween Feel The Pressure (make sure it is installed)  is a spin-off of the popular Feel The Pressure game. You need 10 correct answers in a row to “save your soul.”
  • Alexa, Play spooky sounds or Alexa Play Spooky Scream
  • Alexa,ask Boo Bot for scary stories
  • Alexa playScooby-Doo Mystery Theater for some interactive storytelling


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